the valley of the Dolls
Sleepy Sunday selfie #me #wowitsnoon #whyamistillinbed
Selfie Sunday #me

There is so much shit that I have to do and I just haven’t done any of it.


I am so bored why aren’t I having sex right now


wait, no i want to go back to college, i am so bored here.


I always want my sisters dog to sleep on my bed and I just realized its because I miss when my old dog used to do it 😢


i just want to be home, in my bed and eat food that i actually like, not bags and bags of chips because i hate the cafe food so much


my drawing teacher sent me basically a huge ‘screw you’ reply to email about having to redo my final and im so frustrated i want to cry


I took an aderall

To write a paper

But instead thought of you

And your bed

And how

Your hand felt

Against my hips

Like a star reaching

Across the sky

late night rambling to avoid writing my paper so this is basically me summing up my freshman year of college (its really long)

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I literally think I’m gonna die, or that’s how my body is feelin right about now.


I just want to wake up someday and be warm and content and love myself.

Party got busted, still wavy, texted a boy, other boy flirted with and kissed me on the cheek and got a job offer for photo. Overall  Good night . I don’t wanna leave college